Thursday, September 20, 2018

Marked cards contact lenses

 The invisible ink contact lenses, also called marked cards contact lenses sometimes. Just as the name means, these contact lenses are used to read invisible ink marks of marked cards or something else.
In the magic shows, with this invisible ink contact lenses and a magic marked deck, the magician can always pick up the same cards that the audiences pick, which is the key to a great successful magic show.

In the poker games, the players with marked cards contact lenses can always make a wise decision in the betting since he can see the playing cards of numbers and suits well of other players, so as to be the final winner.
If to get the marked cards contact lenses, you' d better tell it clear where you are from or what color your eyes is directly. The infrared contact lenses are produced in different models and prices so as to suit people with different color eyes. 
However, no matter what color your eyes are, you can always get one professional infrared contact lenses to see marked cards without other's notice.